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Friday, 15 June 2012

Susan Warner Victorian novelist

Susan Bogert Warner was born in New York in 1819, she wrote many  Religious & Children's fiction and other theological works. She wrote 30 novels often under the name Elizabeth Wetherell, her first novel The Wide Wide World (1850) was her most popular. It was translated into many languages including French, German and Dutch.   Susan Warner died onMarch 17, 1885 (aged 65) at Highland Falls, New York.

Some of Warner's works were:-
  • Queechy, 1852
  • The Law and the Testimony, 1853
  • The Hills of Shatemuc, 1856
  • Say and Seal, 1860
  • The Old Helmet 1863
  • Melbourne House, 1864
  • My Desire, 1879
  • The End of A Coil, 1880
  • Nobody, 1882
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The book has 6 illustrations

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