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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Mid Century Animal Figurines

I love Mid Century Animal Figurines.  They are generally small with large eyes and darling poses.  I prefer those with a high gloss shine.  They bring nostalgia and sometimes humor to any decorative display.  I tend to pick up these little treasures when in antique shops or flea markets.  I have realized that I no longer have room for them all and have put a few on sale in my shop.


Tram Fest & Classic Car Event

Tram Sunday, as it is known locally, is a one day event for all the family. Classic and vintage vehicles will be on display along with fairground rides for the younger ones and a vast amount of stalls selling a wide assortment of goods for all the family. This is the must see event of the year and it’s free.  Next years Event will be held on the 20th July Fleetwood. Lancashire

Clitheroe Castle Classic Car Event (2nd year running)
Organised by the North West Sound Archive, the event gave visitors the opportunity to see classic cars from all over the North West.
The show included a number of displays in the Pendle Hill room looking back at the forgotten North West car manufacturers, including the Little Midland Company which produced motors from 1909 to 1919 at its works in Clitheroe.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

PotFest In The Park 2013

We had our annual day out to PotFest at Hutton in The Forest on Friday. Despite the forecast for heavy rain, it was hot and sunny!

We started off with a walk around the grounds and the walled gardens.

Then it was time for a quick ice cream before looking at the competition pieces. The theme this year was 'All At Sea'.

The three I voted for were:-

Some other images from the day...

We bought a side plate and dinner plate to add to our slowly growing collection of pieces by Sigi and Charlotte Boehmer of Germany.

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Saturday, 27 July 2013


Article originally posted at  - http://creativedisposal.blogspot.co.uk

This is a worldwide movement based on Yahoo Groups.

The UK homepage is here.

But I haven’t told you why you would want to know about Freecycle.

Freecycle allows you to find the person who wants something you have but don’t want. The movement is based on reducing landfill. You advertise what you have that you don’t want and you will be emailed by people who would like it. You can also ask for things but I will come to that later.

What can you Freecycle? Almost anything legal, decent and safe although most groups seem to ban the offering of animals.

What should you Freecycle? This is a different question and the answers are my opinions. I freecycle anything large, useful and difficult to sell/rehome. So far this has included carpets after we had an extension built and all the rooms had grown too big for the carpets. In the same wave we found new owners for all the curtain rails, curtains and window blinds that were no longer any use to us. I’ve also Freecycled old software, computer components, jam jars, garden plants, audio cassette tapes and, best of all, most of my old fitted kitchen! I’ve received underbed drawers and a bag full of knitting yarn among other things.
Other items which go well are furniture, computer peripherals when you have upgraded, electrical goods & building materials.

When I decide whether to post something on Freecycle I ask myself these questions

1. Can I sell this & is the likely price worth the effort?
2. Will a charity shop be likely to sell this?
3. Is there any chance anyone will want this?

If the answers are No, No & Yes, then I put it on my local Freecycle.

If there are no replies, then it is often worth putting it on again a few weeks later and at a different time of the week. Also, if you live at the edge of a Freecycle group’s area, join the next one and post it there. Different things go well in different areas.

Often you will get just one reply but deciding who gets a popular item is entirely up to the original owner.

Items should be collected by the receiver and it is important to turn up when you said you would and to be polite (the words “Thank You” are sometimes strangely absent, I’m told, though all my collectors have said them). There should be no charge at all.

Although it is not really in the spirit of the blog, I can’t resist making some observations about Wanted posts. These are controversial. Most reasonable people can tell the ones that should be banned as soon as they read them (Wanted – Laptop(windows XP or better)…) and the sensible ones (Wanted – 3’ of worktop, any colour, for my garage), but it is very difficult to write rules for this. I just ignore most of them and it may be best for your blood pressure if you do the same.

To sum up, Freecycle is a great weapon in the Decluttering War as it is more satisfactory to get rid of something to someone who wants it than just to pitch it out.

P.S. Tell any tradesmen working on your house about Freecycle. They are constantly removing useful items from homes and can encourage Freecycling. It is in their interests, too, as Trade Waste must be paid for at the tip. The basin and loo from our old bathroom were wanted by 6 people inside an hour of posting. The Thermostatic shower control was similarly popular and the window blind and mirror have also been rehomed.

Visit - http://uk.ebid.net/items/Madelaine

Monday, 22 July 2013

A selection of items from ebid Crafts Sellers


Sample pack of Italian Florentine paper - fine decorative paper in 6" x 6" squares, one each of ten different beautiful designs in stunning colours, many with soft gold highlights.

Great for small craft projects, mini books, card-making, origami, scrapbooking, decoupage, endpapers for books, papercrafts and lots more! 

Please choose from the designs shown, let me know which ones you would like by entering the codes in the 'notes to seller' section when purchasing! 

Colours: Various

Brand: Rossi

Size: 6" x 6" 
A handmade crocheted caterpillar.
It has been crocheted in machine washable double knitting wool.
It is 4" tall and 8.5 " long.
A 7 gram (1/4 oz) bag of fluffy Plum Purple colored marabou feathers   (a reddish purple color)

Our feathers are sorted & hand packaged so you get quality, unbroken feathers.
Marabou  (domestic turkey) feathers average between 3-8" in length
A typical bag contains a random range of lengths & feather types. 
Some feathers will be all fluff, some may have flat tips.

Made With Glass Beads
 Bag Tag
2 1/2 inch 
Made To Order  
New handmade green pop-up happy birthday card mermaid & fish
happy birthday

size card approx: 10 inches opened out & 5 inches closed
with  handmade envelope

Shaped birthday card and envelope
This item measures approximately 9-1/4" in diameter, 
it is hand crocheted from worsted weight yarn, 
and features a hanging loop.

hand crocheted tank top
38" bust

 made this for my daughter in the late 80s. it measures 40" under arm and 23" centre back
Used, but in good condition