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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Amazing Miao Hill Tribe Jacket Tribal Ethnic Chinese w/Embroidery

Wonderful mid-century piece from Taijiang, Guizhou. These are handmade and is an extensive process.

Hill Tribe techniques and the work of these minority groups is their major art form. Different types of embroidery include figured bands, folded stitch, horse hair stitch, and braided or lock stitch. Cotton and silk thread, along with horsehair, is used.

"Whorl-figured cloth" is one of the high-grade textile handicrafts of the Miao people. It has close texture and plenty of wear. It is generally woven in rhombus designs in the grey. This piece is just beautiful and the colors are vibrant. There are some spots where the gold has rubbed off the foil but is negligible when compared to the overall presentation.

The inside fabric is slubbed and is uneven in its weave. It's a wonderful piece of artwork in its own right and represents the trade and culture of a tribe that's rich in history and tradition. You can contact me if you're interested!

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