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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Queen of Hearts Cookie Company

Today on  the last day of June the Crafty Vintage crew were at Brockholes Nature Reserve Samlesbury near Preston Lancashire.
Despite the weather there was a good mix of stalls although probably more craft than vintage and not a vintage car in sight I can only assume the weather put the Vintage car owners off.
Amongst the  mix of the usual stalls found at these events i spotted a selection of exquisite hand made designer biscuits decorated in a vintage style.
The table display was fabulous and caught my eye immediately i entered the room, Im sure my photos probably don't do the display justice.

These fabulous biscuits would be ideal as part of a Wedding table spread, Prom Night, Children's Birthday Party, Anniversary, Office Party etc,

Queen of Hearts Cookie Company
Designer Biscuits for All Occasions


  1. I am just as fascinated with these beautifully iced biscuits as you. So much work and detail and a very pretty display. how I admire people that actually get off their bums and do these things.

    I'm a stalker and get your posts emailed to me. I don't comment much as I so dislike this keyboard! Take care.

  2. What a beautiful stand! I particularly love the heart-shaped biscuit with the tree in blossom on it. Beautiful, intricate work. How much do they charge per biscuit, I wonder?

  3. I like those heart shaped blossom biscuits too. I haven't done icing for ages... but this might just stimulate some happening in our household! :D You can do a lot with a heart shaped biscuit! :D

  4. PS Margaret! You do get to go to some lovely events! Lucky you! xx