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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Forgotten Stitches

Rebekah is a self taught embroiderer and beader. Forgotten Stitches recreates the romance of bygone eras using vintage textiles and materials and is dedicated to keeping forgotten arts alive. Please email me at rebekah@forgottenstitches.com for any enquires, commissions or just to say hello!

 Forgotten Stitches explores a genuine passion and admiration for the fashion, lifestyle, etiquette and romance of bygone eras, and seeks to recreate this using vintage materials, threads and even sewing instruments wherever possible.


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Talented Artist

Who Brings Old Buttons Back To Life 

Madeline's Corner

I'm Jacky and I am the designer, creator and maker at Madeline's Corner
From being a young child I have had a love of all things creative which use thread, yarn and fabric

From humble beginnings in primary school a beautiful lady called Mrs Lockwood taught me to embroider; from a sampler of stitches initially, then onto the designing and embroidering of a pump bag. How I looked forward each week to her lessons, which she taught with passion and patience

I was taught to knit by my mother (who knitted all my cardigans and jumpers) and my grandmother who favoured cotton dishcloths and socks and I was fascinated by her use of four needles. So, from scarves for my dolls to a layette set as part of my childcare exams, knitting became a firm favourite after I had mastered pattern reading and picking up dropped stitches, (the latter being an art in itself)

In sixth form, born out of the need to further fill my timetable of lessons, I opted to study Needlework. I studied for only a year, tagging onto a fifth form class lesson once a week for the theory side and had two lunchtime sessions of practical learning...and gained a grade A in my 'O' level. That was a proud moment!

 Crocheting has been my love since I decided to start my own business (so much easier to deal with a dropped stitch!) and gladly most of my work now seems to include it!

Over subsequent years I have developed my skills and expertise, mostly self-taught, and with each year that passes my enthusiasm for creativity and achieving high standards of excellence have become my trademark

I am now a mother of four grown-up children who, from enjoying their initial nursery decor of sewn pieces and knitted garments of clothing, still enjoy the labours of love I create today

Madeline was my fifth child, who sadly died. When I launched Madeline's Corner in 2012, it seemed befitting to remember her in this way, as she will always have a home in my heart

I invite you to join me in the adventures of a needle..!!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Free Tomato seeds with every order

To celebrate Spring on its way Moose Seeds will send every customer a free pack of Tomato seeds with every order. Tomatoes taste better when you have grown them yourself :D

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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Ways to Display Vintage Buttons

I came across a selection of images recently used to display vintage buttons, here are just a few examples:-