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Sunday, 24 April 2011

New & Vintage Plastic Buttons

Happy Easter one and all!

Here are some of the latest plastic buttons added to Love Buttons HQ...

These charming new buttons have a spiral cut showing off the different layers of colour, from pink through gold to dark purple. They cost £0.35 each.

Next is a set of nine vintage plastic buttons with Art Deco styling in black and red. They are quite small, measuring 15mm in diameter and have four close-together sew through holes. They cost £2.05 for the set of nine buttons.
Last up is this set of reused plastic buttons made to imitate horn. They have colouring ranging from cream through tan to dark brown. The buttons are large, measuring 38mm in diameter. They would be ideal for a coat or as bag closures. They cost £2.75 for five buttons.

Bye for now... :)

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Save The British Hallmark

The sterling lion may soon become an extinct species. 

 Typical British Hallmarks

This particular lion is not protected, and its habitat is under imminent threat by an axe wielding government based in Westminster. In a bid to cut red tape and hence money (no not their lucrative expense accounts – silly) the trusted lion must go. After almost 800 years the UK government now wants to remove this most coveted of all consumer protection. Hallmarks on new items made of precious metal may be scrapped under a UK government bid to reduce red tape. 

 Sterling Silver Mark - England
Now the Assay Offices in Birmingham and London have launched an appeal to persuade as many people as possible to object to the proposals, which form part of a consultation called The Red Tape challenge. Launched on April 7, comments are invited online until May 5.

Sterling Silver Mark - Scotland

"The Red Tape Challenge aims to reduce regulation which stifles enterprise and industry," said an Assay Office spokesman.

 Edinburgh Assay Office

"The message from the Government appears to be that every regulation highlighted will be abolished – unless visitors to the website express sufficient good reasons to convince ministers that this particular regulation must be kept."

 Sheffield Assay Office

Hallmarking is one of eight key topics under scrutiny.

"We believe it is imperative to the British consumer for the current and future UK jewellery industry to maintain hallmarking as a statutory independent service," the Assay Office argues.

 London Assay Office

The British hallmarking system is the standard to which the rest of the world hope to reach, so what can be done to help protect this lion? 

 Birmingham Assay Office

The UK Assay Offices want people to log on to www.redtapechallenge.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/hallmarking and register their objections.

Unless people express their concerns, the lion will shortly be as dead as a dodo.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Vintage Glass Buttons & More

Morning all! Here are some of the latest additions to Love Buttons HQ...

These small vintage glass buttons feature a moulded bird design. Two dark green on green; and four red on white. They cost £3.25 for six buttons.

Still on the bird theme, these small pink vintage glass buttons have a moulded line drawing of a rooster/cockerel, coloured white. They cost £3.75 for seven buttons.

Finally, these wonderful reused metal buttons are suitable for a highland dress jacket or waistcoat, or to add a touch of Scotland to any handmade project. They are a modified diamond shape with a relief picture of a thistle. They have an 'antiqued' silver tone finish. They cost £11.00 for eleven buttons.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Under the Floorboards an interesting blog i came across


The original floorboards of the cottages which, combined, now form our house were 8 1/2 inches wide but only 9/16" thick. The ravages of wear, woodworm and poor repairs over a century and a half left many gaps through which everyday items could be lost. Only the rich had carpets; these were certainly not houses for the rich

Later, the cottages became dilapidated. A section of the roof collapsed and dirt and rain got in. Some parts may have been used as storage for the farm. When the building was renovated as a single dwelling, the builders swept some of the accumulated debris into available gaps in the floor.

Whilst repairing floors and installing wiring, we have found many items which give a clue to the lives of past inhabitants. Here are some of the items we have found.

What should this subject be called? "Floorboard archaeology"? "Subsolum archaeology"? ("subsolumology" doesn't sound quite right...)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

New Rag Doll Sewing Patterns at Snowdrop Patterns

New Three Peas in a Pod and Miss Raggedy April rag doll sewing patterns now available at www.snowdropshop.com

Each Three Peas in a Pod rag doll is 15" long and Miss Raggedy April rag doll is 18" long. and made from tea stained muslin cotton and yarn hair.  Faces are painted and embroidered.  Doll sewing patterns include pattern pieces, instructions and supply list to make all the rag dolls and their clothes.  Easy, beginner level sewing pattern!

Patterns are available in electronic PDF format to download and print or paper pattern format.



Vintage Buttons To Love

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather. Our garden is full of blossom and baby rabbits at the moment, so I'm definitely feeling that Spring has sprung!

Here are just three of the latest finds from Love Buttons HQ:-

These marbled green, vintage plastic buttons have a raised, square motif with grooves cut into them. Very stylish! They cost £3.75 for ten buttons in two sizes.

Peacock lustre adds a touch of drama to these vintage black glass buttons. They have a textured 'lava' design and would make a very eye-catching centre piece for a handmade item. They cost £3.50 for two buttons.

This pair of buttons is also vintage, and made from black glass. They have a stunning bronze-coloured lustre. The moulded pattern features a central flower motif, surrounded by two rings of faceted knobs. They cost £3.50 for two buttons.

Finally, a big 'thank you' to Margaret for all her work on this blog and for allowing us to share it with her. Well done indeed on making it into the list of favourite vintage blogs on http://www.dotcomgiftshop.com/blog/vintage-blogs 

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Luxury of Fabulous Vintage Slips

Liz Taylor made them famous, but I think we all agree, there is just something special about a slip. Most particularly Vintage Slips. The denier is heavenly, the laces fabulous and they were made to flatter your figure.

Most are of a heavy enough weight they easily could be worn as a dress ~ and so beautiful you would not want to hide them under one, but show them off! Here is just a small sampling of fabulous vintage slips, one for every taste, or style available at
Vintage Pretties

Tall vintage Sears full / dress Slip ~ Adjustable Hem ~ 40

Vintage Slip Alecon Lace Ruffle Slip Dress Chiffon lined Shadowline XS lingerie Shadowline

Vintage Slip XL Full Slip Dress Shimmery Pink sz 44 plus size

Vintage 60s Gorgeous Barbizon Tafredda White Lacy Dress Slip with Zipper

All are available at
Vintage Pretties

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Burning Light

Today we switch on an electric light to drive away the darkness, but just over 100 years ago fire and light were not so readily available and held in high regard. Similarly the items associated with both fire and light were both elaborate and practical.

Georgian Brass Chamberstick c.1820

Candles come in all shapes and sizes, and so similarly do the holders that held them in their working position.

William & Mary Cast Brass Candlestick c.1690

Today when many items are within the reach of most people, we are apt to forget that they were once the items of the rich and powerful. For the ordinary worker, a brass candlestick was simply beyond their means so they would drip some candle wax onto a flat surface and then stick the candle into the wax until it hardened. At best, a small piece of flat wood would be used to make the lighted candle portable.

George II Seamed Brass Candlesticks c.1740

Silver was once the preserve of royalty and their favourites so it fell upon the shoulders of brass, copper, bronze and pewter to provide the items of the growing and affluent middle class. It is for this reason there are many affordable surviving examples of these items from which the collector can choose. Many people like the typical Victorian brass candlesticks. By this time production techniques had advanced such that the cost of the item fell at the expense of individuality but more importantly these items came within the reach of the ordinary person. Candlesticks of all types of shapes and sizes were made for all purposes.

George III Seamed Bronze Candlestick c.1770

My personal passion is for candlesticks from a slightly earlier era. Examples of candlesticks from 1650 to 1750 are in regular use in my home. They tend to be less tall than and more individual than their Victorian counterparts, and even now I feel it a privilege to own and enjoy these beautiful items. Each piece could tell a very long and interesting story about their experiences gained from over 350 years of existence. Were they silent witnesses to plots, intrigues, romantic liaisions and murder, or just an item in a rich merchants home? Their silver counterparts were and still are more valuable and have generally survived the years better. However a lot of silver items have been melted down and destroyed throughout history including modern times. Kings were always short of money to pay for wars and in recent times the scrap value of silver was higher than the market value of the item.

George II Seamed Brass Swirl base Candlesticks c.1750

To own these items is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. They have survived 350 years and with the correct care they can survive another 350 years or longer. It is our heritage, our gift to future generations so we are responsible to make sure they survive. Correct polishing and handling are essential to ensure longevity. Environment friendly products are available to help preserve both these items and our planet.

Easy Shine Environment Friendly Metal Polish

Environment Friendly Micro-Crystalline Wax
For more information about these and other products please use the links shown below:

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day to all Mums out there!

Here are some buttons which may tempt sewing and craft-loving Mums into creating something new...

These pretty vintage glass buttons are a translucent milky white with a subtle rainbow iridescent lustre. They cost £3.00 for the set of three buttons.

A card of flower-cut, mother-of-pearl buttons for adding a finishing touch to pretty projects. These buttons cost £1.75 for six buttons.

Finally, this stunning vintage, black glass button has a pattern of moulded ovals with a striated background, finished with a silver lustre. This button costs £1.75.

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