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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Buttons With a Nautical Theme

In honour of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, I thought I would adopt a nautical theme for my buttons today!

First up, a set of ten beautiful waistcoat buttons, with reverse moulded and painted ship on the sea. They cost £30.00 for ten buttons.

Next, a small plastic button with an anchor motif. These cost 15p each.

A set of five ceramic buttons with a ship at sail. They have a translucent beige glaze. They cost £5.00 for a set of five buttons.

Finally, these cute little yachts would make a nice finishing touch to a handmade child's jacket or cardigan. They cost £5.00 for the set of three.

Enjoy the rest of the celebrations!

Posted by Julia of Love Buttons HQ.


  1. Love the set of ship buttons a real collectors lot which will appeal to the button collectors and maritime enthusiasts.

  2. Yes, these are my favourites too - such nice condition :)