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Monday, 26 April 2010

RARE Robert Daughters Signed Textile/Dress

This is an amazing and unique dress! The signature on the dress is R. Daughters, which is Robert Daughters. Robert A. Daughters became an impressionist/expressionist oil painter of Indians and Southwestern landscapes. He has been interested in art since a child, and considers Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh a strong influence on him. In 1953, Daughters became a partner in an advertising art studio, winning more than 250 awards in twenty years. Daughters first visited Taos on his honeymoon in 1953, where he met the late Charles Berninghaus, the son of Taos' founding artist, Oscar E. Berninghaus. Daughters and his wife Sandra were taken by the charm ofthe unpaved streets, the adobe houses, Indian ceremonials and the crispness of fall during their brief visit. But before his midlife turning point of working as an artist in Taos, Daughters' career would first flourish as a fashion artist, Hallmark card designer and owner of his own Kansas City, Kansas, commercial arts studio. During this time, Daughters also worked at the Kansas City Art Institute. He studied drawing in Europe; and was - by American standards - a commercial success. This dress is from the 60s and something I've inquired about at various art galleries that feature his work. No one has ever seen a Robert Daughters signature on a textile before. This piece was done in the 60s when he worked in fashion and commercial arts. I believe it is a one-of-a-kind, akin to getting Norma Jean's autograph before she became Marilyn Monroe. The fabric appears to be linen or a variation thereof. The sleeves are handpainted while the border print on the skirt is incorporated into the fabric. You can contact me for more details and for purchase!

Favourite Vintage Cafe

Hi Everyone,

Do you have a favourite vintage cafe?

Mine in Brucciani's in Preston, Lancashire UK, established 1932 by an Italian family.  The interoir has changed little over the years and has  lots of art deco features, it specialises in sandwiches, cakes, and a wide range of coffee and teas.

You cant see all the interior from this small photo, there is a lovely deco stained glass window, fabulous art deco ladies heads on the arches above and vintage props such as hats, film star photos, walking sticks etc.

If you have a favourite Vintage cafe please post images of it .

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Patterns and More

If you like sewing then I have all uncut and factory folded patterns for your sewing needs. Once in a blue moon a pattern that has been cut will be added only because it has all its pieces and never been used, just cut.
You can find my patterns at http://outoftheattic2u.ecrater.com/

Here are a few patterns of interest:

Monday, 19 April 2010

Vintage Evening Dress - Fabulous!

40s/50s unusual pink brocade evening vintage dress, Bust 32"

This dress bears no makers tags or labels, but is clearly professionally made. The fully lined dress is in a pink brocade which has been effectively used on both sides to give a contrast between a dark and light pink. The brocade has a small floral pattern.

Bust = 32"

Waist cinch = 24"

Skirt length = front 34" / back 50"

The strapless bodice has 6 pieces of boning for shape and form, and fastens at centre back with a 17" metal zipper.

The bodice has a cross-over effect in the contrasting colour-ways, and is pleated to the centre back opening. The neck edge has a frill which is wider at centre front.

The waist seam is piped. The full skirt is formed by a front cross over of the two colour-ways, so that each side is in the contrasting colour. The skirt is short at the front and longer at the back.

The left hip has a wired pannier under the skirt layer. At the centre back waist there are two contrasting flaps which give the appearance of a bow.

The hem of the dress has two layers of pink netting.

This is a most unusual dress with quite a modern "feel" to it, although the construction is more typically 1940s/1950s. The asymmetric hemline, combined with the open cross over effect at the skirt front is enhanced throughout with the effective use of the contrasting colour-ways in the fabric.

The dress is in Excellent condition and would look quite striking at any formal occasion.

Press here to View and Buy this fabulous Evening Dress




Sunday, 18 April 2010

Pretty Vintage and Newer Button Collections

I love making up collections of mixed buttons!

There are many ways to use them:-
  • a small cluster of colourful buttons adds a pretty vintage accent to a handmade cushion or bag
  • a single beautiful button makes a great closure or fastening for a simple sewn or knitted project
  • pin the whole card to a decorative notice board to add a colourful touch to a room
  • snip off the shank to add the button to a card or scrap booking page
  • cluster the buttons on a crocheted necklace or bracelet for a fun accessory
  • add a pretty button to the centre of a handmade flower corsage
Find these and similar button collections at Love Buttons HQ!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

vintage/modern button/trim mix!

here we have a gorgeous pink and white mix of vintage and modern buttons and trims all carded up by me - i think it would make a lovely gift for a seamstress or crafter - and better still it is *REDUCED*

Monday, 12 April 2010

Reindeer - Not just for Christmas!

Rudolph hangs out ALL year round.. not just at Christmas!
Beautiful is the Reindeer no matter what the season!

UNIQUE Birch Wood Postcard FATHER CHRISTMAS Santa & Reindeer Sleigh Lapland £1.75

GREAT for framing, due to its unique manufacture! Printed directly onto a thin slice of Finnish Birch wood, so it has real substance. You can see the colour, grain and shading of the wood! Really different! A photograph of Santa deep in the Lapland forest with his Reindeer pulling his sleigh. How cool is that?

Visit ROVANIEMI Tourist Board Advert Reindeer POSTCARD Lapland Finland UNUSED £1.00

A beautiful and unusual postcard of reindeer by a lake - typical Finnish countryside landscape art, from the Rovaniemi Tourist Board, marked Fahlenius. "Visit Finnish Lapland and its capital ROVANIEMI".

Regal Reindeer Photographic POSTCARD Lapland Finland UNUSED £1.00

Lovely frameable postcard. A classic photograph of a Finnish Reindeer.

UNIQUE manufacture Finnish BIRCH Wood POSTCARD Autumn Lapland REINDEER £1.75

This is another of those unusual postcards with the unique manufacture process! Printed directly onto a thin slice of Finnish Birch wood. Its not paper or card - it's wood! You can see the colour, grain and shading in the wood slice! This Reindeer rests in a colourful meadow during Ruska - (Autumn time) in Finland. Finnish Autumns are amongst the most colourful in the world!

Unusual animal POSTCARD Eye of a Reindeer - Caribou £1.00

A really unusual close up of a Reindeers face and eye!

www.specialistauctions.com/shops/NorthPolePostcards for more postcards being released from my personal collection. Images of Lapland, Finland. New, Old, Used and Vintage! Santa, Saami, Reindeer, Huskies, Lapland, Shaman and interesting cultural cards etc a speciality!

The vast majority of my postcards are one offs, not held in duplicate, so if you see something you like, grab it whilst you can - because once it is gone - it IS gone!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Remember The Gingham Dog & The Calico Cat?

What an adorable print on this set! It's made by Novis Denne of Arizona. Blue and green plaid skirt with a pleated waist and metal zipper. There are 3 sets of dogs/cats in various poses; slight fade on the dogs floppy ears. Nice fuller skirt and shirtwaist top with buttons and dolman sleeves. Very rockabilly! As always, you can contact me to purchase ~ ishakeyourhandwarmly@gmail.com!

Love Buttons HQ

Hello! I've just opened a new shop for all you button lovers out there. I sell vintage, second-hand and new buttons in a variety of styles and colours. Whether you enjoy sewing, knitting, crafting with, or collecting buttons, I hope you'll find something to tempt you!

Buttons are added, usually on a daily basis, so new items appear regularly. Please feel free to drop by and browse at Love Buttons HQ.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Oriental delights within specialistauctions handmade category!

Delightful Japanese handicrafts from seller chibichibinoriko522

Many of this seller's items are made using Japanese ' Chirimen ' fabric - which is a fabric made using a traditional Japanese weaving technique. It has the unique feature of what the Japanese call 'Shibo'..... soft wrinkles that were developed for this material way back in 16th century Japan.

The wrinkles are created by alternating and twisting different threads into different directs in the weft. These wrinkles appear because the weft is stronger than the warp in the looming process. Chirimen fabric is mostly used for beautiful Kimono outfits, but is also used for craft projects such as flowers, dolls, toys and as this creative seller shows.. in jewellery and jewellery boxes!


Not only are these items beautiful.. but they are beautifully priced too!

Handmade Chirimen shell earring (covered with kimono fabric):red
Just £1.00 WOW!

Handmade Chirimen shell earring (covered with kimono fabric):purple

Handmade Flower Brooch made with kimono fabric:black £3.50
An ideal present or box for your jewellery.. are these beautiful jewellery boxes! Perhaps you could also use them for crafting pins as a holder and pin cushion in one? Each one is on a separate auction and priced at a fabulous £1.99!

Handmade jewellery box (covered with kimono fabric)5cm:orange

This clever crafter also makes handmade woollen earrings - again just £1.00!

Handmade woollen earring white & green

Why not drop on by and check out chibichibinoriko522's items today! At www.specialistauctions.com