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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Metal and Metallic Look Buttons

Morning all! I thought I would show you some of the metal buttons and one metallic-look button that I have added to Love Buttons HQ recently...

This first button is made from British Butterscotch Bakelite and has been given a metallic-look finish. The original colour can be seen on the lower petal where a small chip is missing. A very interesting article on the subject by Jocelyn Howells, can be found on the British Button Society website (links are towards the bottom of that page).  This button costs £5.00.

The next button is amazing! Two knights are fighting, surrounded by an intriguing border featuring sea serpents and mythical creatures, with some strange lettering. This large, vintage metal button measures 46mm in diameter. It costs £15.00.

Finally, these pretty, modern, metal buttons are second-hand. They feature a central 'pearl', with a diamante-studded border. The metal has a gold tone finish. They are sold individually at 30p each.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

Posted by Julia of Love Buttons HQ

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