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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Textiles Course with the OCA

I have just started a textiles course with the Open College of The Arts, so my vintage and art and craft online shops are taking a back seat at the moment.

I've just completed the first section of the first part of the course, which involved choosing items for a still life composition, and then drawing them using lots of different inks, pencils, paints, chalks, charcoal, pictures in thread etc The point being to practise making marks that represent how the objects look and feel rather than trying to capture an exact likeness.

Here are a few of my attempts:-

 More of my artwork and written work can be found on my learning log blog here.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Custom Teddy Bear

Send me the link to the fabric you would like to use for your teddy bear and I'll purchase the fabric and use it to sew your teddy bear.  All fabric types are appropriate but flannel cotton and fleece work best because of their softness.  You are also more than welcome to send me the fabric you would like me to use to create your bear.  Once your order is placed, I will send you the address for where to mail the materials.

Teddy bear is 10" tall when finished.

A good source of fabric is Joann's fabrics but you're welcome to choose from any fabric site: http://www.joann.com/fabric/flannel-fabric/

Please allow 7-10 days to process your order.  I will need to order the fabric and create the teddy when the fabric arrives.  Once the fabric arrives, it generally only takes about one day to create it.

If you have any questions before or after purchase, please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to help.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Edinburgh College Of Art Degree Show: 2016

I visited this degree show at the ECA last Saturday. It is really inspiring to see the work of so many young artists, textile and jewellery designers, illustrators and product designers. I recently started a part-time correspondence degree in Textiles, so it was good to see what my 'bricks and mortar' compatriots were doing.

Here are some images from the visit:-

Student Li Wanshu demonstrates the phosphorescent qualities of her jewellery to Margaret, a fellow study visit student from The Open College of The Arts. Li's jewellery collection is based on deep sea creatures. It is made from beads, tubes, nylon, luminous paints, etc and moved about as the wearer moves. My favourite collection in the jewellery section!

 These sculptures are all made from aluminium foil and made me think of corals and fungi formations.

 Costumes for performance arts: this one resembles a bird, with the tweedy fabric cut into feather-like texture.

If you would like to see more images of the show, please visit my learning log blog.