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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Vintage & New Buttons

Hello all! Here are the latest button finds from Love Buttons HQ.

A set of five vintage smoky pearl buttons. They have a pill-like, rounded shape and two sew through holes, with central thread groove. They cost $3.00 for the set, from Love Buttons On Etsy.

A charming mixed lot of single vintage buttons. There are a couple of Art Deco style, some chunky, some carved - all gorgeous and just right for featuring on a handmade bag, cuff or neck warmer. They cost £3.00 for six buttons from Love Buttons On Folksy.

Finally, an eye-catching button, with a cream background overlaid with a random latticework of rainbow coloured sparkly material, protected by a clear upper layer. These pretty buttons are available from Love Buttons HQ, priced at £0.20 per button.

Bye for now... Posted by Julia from * Love Buttons HQ * Love Buttons on Etsy * Love Buttons on Folksy * Love Buttons on MISI *

Sunday, 20 February 2011

New, Vintage and Second-hand Buttons

Hello everyone. Hope you are all happy and looking forward to Spring!

Here are some of the latest additions to Love Buttons HQ and Love Buttons HQ on Ebay.

These lovely new plastic buttons are oval in shape with a recessed centre. The colours are a swirling mix of turquoise, dark blue and white. They cost £1.50 for eight, or are available individually priced £0.20 each.

Next is a bargain pack of mixed buttons. There are 230+ in a packet (over 200g in weight). They are a mixture of new, second-hand and vintage buttons. They are mainly made from plastic, with some metal, glass and shell included. A great way to start your button collection, or to use in sewing, knitting and craft projects. Or perhaps just to display in a pretty glass jar. The photo shows a typical mixture, although each one will vary as to content. This bumper pack costs £12.00.

I have nineteen lots of buttons listed on Ebay, finishing on Tuesday 22 February at around 7.18 pm (GMT). There are lots of packs, as well as vintage sets and new buttons up for grabs!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

New Naptime buddies sewing pattern! Lying puppy, sleeping kitty and her pet mouse!

Introducing Snowdrop Shop's new naptime buddies sewing pattern!  Perfect for beginners.  Sew this adorable trio for your child.  Makes the perfect handmade gift for any occasion!  This adorable sleeping kitty and her pet mouse fell asleep on their puppy friend.  But he doesn't seem to mind!  Sewing pattern includes pattern pieces, instructions and supply list to make all three!

Finished versions of this adorable trio are also avaiable!


In the Pink

In the Pink from Wickedlady Collectables

1930s silk chiffon knickers

Antique rose felt hat 70s does 30s

1940s rayon paisley scarf

Fucshia Pink Cocktail Dress 1980s

Hot pink dupion dress by Susan Forth

Monday, 14 February 2011

Antiques Are Green Unless They Are Black – Stolen

On-line auction and on-line shopping websites have been around for a long time but up until now, the long arm of the law has not yet reached these on-line stores. The absence of laws has fostered an illegal industry that has proved to be very profitable for thieves and charlatans alike, apart from being less perilous than the drug trade, human trafficking and other illegal businesses.
Could on-line sellers dealing in stolen goods eventually find themselves facing legislation?

In America the following acts were proposed:
  • E-fencing Enforcement Act 2009
  • Organized Retail Crime Act of 2008
  • Combating Organized Retail Crime Act of 2008

    These bills were intended to combat Organized Retail Crime, and there are numerous on-line sellers that are comfortably selling huge volumes of stolen goods. These goods have been stolen directly from retailers and sold through popular websites like eBay.
However, these bills were never passed into law.

eBay encourage police, prosecutors and U.S. enforcement agencies to contact them for help on investigations, saying that working with law enforcement is a top priority for the huge retail and auction site, but eBay also said they opposed the above bills in the U.S. Congress that attempted to crack down on the on-line sale of stolen goods. The three bills, would either force on-line marketplaces such as eBay to give up private information about their sellers to retailers alleging the sale of stolen goods, or allow retailers to sue on-line marketplaces for failing to adequately investigate stolen goods complaints. eBay would support legislation that increases criminal penalties for selling stolen goods, but said the three bills target the wrong people. 

This sounds rather like trying to lock the stable door after the horse has run away!!!!!!!!!!

Organized retail crime is a rapidly growing problem, especially in challenging economic times that increases the market for stolen merchandise. Retailers already struggling to survive are seeing their inventory disappear in increasing amounts, and the goods end up at flea markets or on the Internet at prices that put temptation into the path of cash-strapped consumers trying to stretch their money. Losses from these crimes ultimately drive up the price of legitimate merchandise at a time when consumers can least afford it, and do serious damage to already weakened economies.

But high street retail goods are not alone in this unsavoury practice, even the humble antique does not escape these unscrupulous people.

One of the most worrying things for antique dealers is being caught out by inadvertently handling stolen goods. This is always a hot topic of discussion within the antiques trade and any initiative that might help has to be welcomed. So how can you be sure that the item you are selling or bought was not stolen?

At Rarity4u we have voluntarily operated a policy of due diligence for many years, and make every effort to check our items before offering them for sale. Also our website has links for customers and potential customers to use to check our items against various databases of stolen items.

One such site is www.FindStolenArt.com that lists details and pictures of stolen items along with information on recovered items. The site, which is simple to use and easy to navigate, can be accessed by anyone with access to the world wide web, and it is monitored and updated by UK police forces. 

With so much emphasis being placed on due diligence these days, nobody in the trade can afford to ignore the risks of inadvertently handling stolen property. It does not take long to check items against these sites, and it could prevent a lot of trouble.

If a small family run business like Rarity4u can operate a due diligence policy, what makes it so difficult for eBay and others to do the same?

In this life there are leaders and followers, and I guess we just have to accept that little tiny Rarity4u are leading very reluctant global giants like eBay and others by the nose.

Why should this be the case, could it be money, profits and vested interest?
What about you what do you believe?
What should be done to limit or halt these unsavoury practices? 
Perhaps you would like to share your thoughts.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Unusual Buttons and Belt Buckle

Hello Everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend.

Here are the latest additions to Love Buttons HQ. First up is this huge and chunky plastic belt buckle, made to imitate antler. It was found in a chateau in South West France and is thought to date to the 1930s. It costs £4.00 and would make a great addition to a belt buckle/vintage clothing collection.

These charming china buttons are made by Birchcroft China and feature classical paintings. Birchcroft China was founded 30 years ago in The Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent, England. Most buttons are made in limited editions of 250 or fewer, and are very collectible. They are handmade at every stage and kiln fired three times. This set of four buttons costs $16.50 and is listed at Love Buttons On Etsy.

These cute bird buttons are handmade from ceramic and cost £0.50 each. I'm not sure what type of bird it is, possibly a kookaburra? But it is bound to be a hit on a card or decorative craft project for any bird lover!

Cheerio for now! Julia of Love Buttons HQ. Love Buttons On Etsy. Love Buttons On Folksy.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Finds At Love Buttons

Morning all! Here is a small selection from the buttons listed this week at Love Buttons HQ.

These charming and collectable china buttons are handmade in limited editions of 250 or fewer by Birchcroft China. This mixed set costs £7.50 for three 26mm (1") diameter buttons.

These metal buttons feature a ring of cut steel decoration on a background of scroll-patterned metal (probably brass). The buttons cost £6.00 for a set of six buttons.

This set of twelve vegetable ivory buttons (also known as corozo or tagua nut) are an unusual shield or arrow-head shape. They cost £3.85 for the set.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Posted by Julia of Love Buttons HQ. Love Buttons on MISI. Love Buttons on Folksy. Love Buttons on Etsy.