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Saturday, 31 October 2015

First World War postcards

Censorship of soldiers’ letters was undertaken by regimental officers. Its main purpose was to avoid mention of operational details that might prove of value to the enemy. Forbidden information included references to locations, numbers of troops, criticism of superiors and even the weather (which might indicate the state of the trenches).


Monday, 26 October 2015

Free pillow patterns with any pattern purchase!

Make a unique and fun pillow every month with your children and grandchildren.  Keep the creativity flowing all year long!  A great way to connect and create a loving memory.  The monthly seasonal pillow pattern is free with any other pattern purchase.*

Pattern includes pattern pieces to create a January mitten, February heart, March shamrock, April umbrella, May flower, June butterfly, July star, August sun, September apple, October pumpkin, November leaf and December snowflake.

Pattern also includes coloring pages so you and your child or grandchild can plan how the pillow will look before you start.  Print multiple copies so you can design different versions and then pick your favorite!  You can decorate them will all sort of crafty items.  Try plastic jewels, fur, pompoms, foam, glitter, google eyes, even spiders for the October pillow.  Let the imaginations flow! Children love to be part of the creative process. Their imaginations are endless!


*excludes free patterns

pillow sewing patterns
shop patterns

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Build your own pet shop! My Pet Shop Kit

Kids will love running their very own pet store! Use the patterns and templates included in this pet shop kit to make them their own shop. Patterns and templates are downloaded via PDF files.

Create the shop and sew as many animals as you'd like. Ask the kids to help you pick out the fabric for their new pet shop animals and create a whole colorful collection of puppies, kitties, bunnies and fish. They'll have so much fun running their own pet store!

animal patterns, plushie patterns, toy patterns
My Pet Shop
This pet shop kit includes the following PDF files that you can download and print:
  • 4 animal sewing patterns with pattern pieces and instructions
  • pet shop play money
  • letter templates to help create the shop name
  • adoption certificate
  • dog/cat tags
  • coloring pages of the animals included. Have the kids color the pages so they can advertise the animals for sale!
  • Templates to create the shelves
Pet store is created using a 48" x 36" cardboard or foam display board.  Let the kids use their imaginations to decorate their shop! Use markers, paints, stickers, foam pieces, plastic jewels, even fur! Materials not included with the kit.

The animal sewing patterns include baby attack cat, my puppy family, bunny rabbit and silly swimmers patterns.

Also includes a free cat and dog hoodie blanket pattern!  

You can download this PDF patterns and templates immediately after purchase.  Start creating immediately! See the pattern download page for more details.  

Sew Cute Patterns

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Henrietta's Vintage Jewellery Store

To view my items please click the link below





Gifts for kids!

Create a unique gift for someone special! There are few greater joys in life than knowing that someone would take the time to create a gift that is made for only you. Choose a pattern, pick out the perfect fabric and start creating!  There are lots of cuties to choose from!


Gifts for kids
Gifts for Kids!

Gifts for Kids
Gifts for Kids!

Gifts for Kids
Gifts for Kids

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Vintage Matchboxes, Arts and Crafts Chamber Stick and More!

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