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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Shambellie House Museum of Costume

My husband, Rob, and I went to the Shambellie House Museum of Costume a while back. It is near New Abbey in Dumfries & Galloway, and well worth a few hours exploration. There is a walled garden you can also visit nearby, plus Sweetheart Abbey and several other attractions in the area.

Here I am in the gardens, admiring a living willow sculpture.

As well as the permanent exhibition showing fashion through the ages in a series of dioramas, there was a special exhibition called 'Marriage In The Movies'. This shows a room full of beautiful period-style wedding dresses that have been used in films and tv series. My favourite one, above, was worn by Helena Bonham Carter in the film 'Frankenstein' from 1994.

Another beautiful dress was the one above, centre, worn by Nastassja Kinski as 'Tess' in Roman Polanski's production of that name from 1980.

This beaded hand bag is one of a number of delectable accessories, including fans, displayed in the Museum.

The wedding dresses will be on display until the end of October 2010.

After enjoying the exhibition, you can stop for tea and cakes in the Museum's tea room, and buy souvenirs in the gift shop. I managed to get another book about buttons to add to my collection ;o)

Post by Julia of Love Buttons HQ.


  1. What lovely dresses, and the evening bag is gorgous.
    What button bookm did you purchase?

  2. Hi Margaret! It was the Shire Library small book by Alan and Gillian Meredith. The book I'm always on the lookout for is 'The Big Book of Buttons' - always seems to be priced in the £100s of pounds though on Ebay/Amazon :(