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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Vintage Buttons

Afternoon all! Hope you are enjoying your weekends :)

Here is the latest batch of vintage button finds to show you. First up, a lovely set of vintage plastic buttons with stylised flower/grass/plant life painted on them. The fronts are plastic, probably celluloid (although untested), the reverse is metal with japanning. They cost £7.00 for a set of seven.

Next is a set of second-hand metal buttons with an elegant raised pattern of scrolls and diamond shapes. They are for sale at just £2.00 for the set of seven buttons.
Finally a pair of buttons and a single button in a gorgeous shade of 'olive drab' green. The two larger ones have a rounded, glossy finish. The third button has a flatter profile and an incised border of inter-twined lines. This mixed set costs £3.00 for three.

If you are on the lookout for modern or vintage buttons to complete a project, why not have a browse round my three Love Buttons shops to be found on Etsy, Folksy, MISI and at Love Buttons HQ?


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