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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Latest Vintage Button Finds

Hello Folks!

Here are some assorted vintage glass buttons for your perusal:-

The first set are vintage Czechoslovakian, made from white glass with a transfer picture of some cute flowers on them. They are hexagonal in shape with a self-shank. They cost £4.00 for a set of six.

The second set are made from vintage black glass, with a moulded, stylised flower pattern with gold lustre highlights. These come as a set of three for £3.00.

The final button is a collectable Bimini glass button, dating to c.1940s. It has the Bimini markings on the brass plate on the reverse. This button costs £12.00. A beautiful addition to a glass or button collection!

Click on the links to browse through many other types and styles of buttons at Love Buttons HQ, Etsy, Folksy and MISI. Enjoy!

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