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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Vintage Buttons

Morning all!

Here are some of the latest finds from Love Buttons HQ. Enjoy!

First is the cutest little terrier dog button I have seen. It is a realistically-shaped button in dark brown opaque glass with moulded details such as fur, nose, tongue and eyes. The fur has been highlighted with a light grey/cream lacquer or paint and the eyes are very appealing. Even the little tongue shows a touch of red.
Definitely one for the collectors! This button costs £4.00.

Next, is a set of four unusual mother of pearl shell buttons, with a carved grid pattern. They are dyed blue and have four sew through holes. This set of four buttons costs £4.00.

Finally, some familiar faces! I managed to track down another small quantity of these gorgeous flower/fairy buttons. They are reproduction Art Nouveau (manufactured approximately 20 years ago). The central face is surrounded by petals to look like a pansy flower - quite charming! I have one set of three buttons on Love Buttons HQ for £6.75.

Thank you for dropping by, and if you feel like browsing even more buttons, why not visit my shops on Etsy, MISI, Folksy or Love Buttons HQ? Enjoy the rest of the weekend peeps! ;o)

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