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Friday, 10 September 2010

Museum buttons

While on holiday in Hereford last week i photographed a few buttons from various museums that i visited, the buttons below are from Leominster Folk Museum (prononced Lemster) in the UK.

These tiny buttons are 19th century Hoptons Cordonnet buttons which were made  from doubled twisted coarse silk thread.
These are Mother of Pearl buttons, used on a wide variety of clothing especially childrens clothes such as Christening Robes or even Workwear. These days such buttons are prized by people who make hand made jewellery.
This plain brown Victorian dress had a set of 8 black glass buttons with gold lustre flower detail, at specialistauctions we have a variety of antique/vintage glass buttons for sale

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The buttons below are in the Hereford museum

Horn was a by-product of the cattle industry and was used for domestic items such as lanterns, horn beakers and buttons. These buttons along with bone would be used on everyday clothes such as workwear (smocks). The buttons above are sliced slivers worked into shape and polished.
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