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Sunday, 11 August 2013

New Fire Horse Textiles Website

Well, I finally took the plunge and had a go at creating my own website with Weebly.com. They offer free websites, but you can pay for your own domain name and for upgrades to the content.

I found it fairly easy to use, with lots of simple 'drag and drop' components. You can then upload your own photos and add your own text and away you go. The only thing that I was not pleased about was that I chose to buy my domain name through Weebly at the rather exorbitant price of $39.99 because I was tempted by their offer of $100 of free Google Advertising. Unfortunately, when I tried to use the code this morning, I found that you had to be a resident of the US or Canada to redeem it. Bah!

Here it is:- Fire Horse Textiles


  1. So you cant actually sell through the site?

  2. Yes, you can sell through the site with PayPal, but I haven't added that to mine so far - just a link to my Etsy shop.