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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Clitheroe Food festival Whinberry Pie

I purchased a home made Whinberry pie from Clitheroe food festival which was held last weekend, it was delicious i havent had a proper whinberry pie for years, i  remember many summers ago picking wild whinberry just delicious.
The pie was made by The owners of Park Farm Shop, Tearooms, Garden & gift Centre.

"The Famous Whinberry Pie

...and a trip down Memory Lane to the days when tea was sold 'loose' from a van; warm, freshly baked, loaves of bread were delivered (unsliced of course) by bike - Workers' Playtime and Sing Something Simple were on the Light Programme...and mother used to bake her famous Whinberry Pie... and there never seemed to be any left!
At Park Farm, the memory lingers on in the form of our own genuine Whinberry Pie served with lashings of cream. Remember those tiny whinberries and the hours that it seemed to take to fill only a cup? Well, we do all that and then, with our own traditional recipe, create a Whinberry Pie - 'just like mother used to make.'

So, those purple fingers are ours...and that purple tongue is yours! Whinberry Pie re-lives memories for some and is a uniquely mouth watering experience for others. Try it now at Park Farm - we know you'll come back for more!"

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