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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Frearson & Ranova

A month ago or so i sold a signed vintage postcard of a musical Hall act called Frearson & Ranova, interestingly The buyer also had the name Frearson so being the noisy person that i am i asked if the person on the postcard was known to him.
It turned out that the buyer was in fact researching the surname Frearson (one name study) and didnt actually know any details about the Frearson from the postcard.
The surname Frearson is of early medieval English origin and probably derives from the word friar and would probably have been a nickname for someone who was pious and not necessarily a friar or monk.

Early Frearson's include  Henry Frierson - marriage, 2 July 1571, London; and Agnes Frearson - marriage, 4 August 1577, Hawkshead, Lancashire.

Frearson of Note
John Frearson of Birmingham. An engineer and inventor  of the cross-head screw.

On the 1841 UK census there are only 4 people recorded with the surname and by 1911, 688
My buyer has been researching the surname Frearson and its variants for that past 10 years and has managed to assemble 100 family trees from here in the UK, and other parts of the world including USA & Australia.

Below a selection of Music hall items from ebid sellers:-

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