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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hand made Ornaments & Clasps 1920's & 1930's

Use up scraps of silk 
Very pretty ornaments for dresses, hats, clasps, belts etc., can be made out of odd pieces of silk or cloth scraps of wool and embroidery silk button moulds and beads.
Making the large Discs
Cut a large circle of stiff  cardboard then cut a slightly larger circle of silk to cover the disc. Draw the thread firmly to keep it in place  using long stitches from side to side at the back.
Then paint a button mould (use various sizes the domed ones work best) in metallic enamel in colours such as Gold Silver or Copper. Then with thin wool, angora or silk thread attach the moulds to the covered disc by passing the needle through the centre hole from the back and then working symmetrical stitches to the edges in the form of a star or sun rays. When the moulds are firmly attached the spaces in between can be filled up with fancy stitches, beads, jewels, or anything else such as gold thread, rock coral, shell, jet etc.

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