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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Vintage Metal Buttons

Morning all! Here is a small sample of the latest buttons from Love Buttons HQ.

First is a set of six vintage metal buttons. They are dark purple in colour with a snowflake-like decoration made to imitate cut steel. These buttons cost £6.00 for the set of six buttons.

Next is this charming set of four antique metal buttons. They have a decorative outer border featuring leaves and foliage, a cut, mother-of-pearl centre with a central cut steel. Sorry this set has now sold.

Finally, a set of ten vintage metal buttons featuring a three-cornered Celtic knot style design. The design is raised/in relief. The buttons are a very dark purple - almost black. This set of ten buttons costs £3.25 from Love Buttons on Etsy.

Don't forget that there are 100s of buttons to browse across all of my shops, including bargain buttons on Ebay: * Love Buttons HQ * Love Buttons on Etsy * Love Buttons on Folksy * Love Buttons on MISI * Love Buttons on Ebay *

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