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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Silver Heart Buttons, Glass Buttons and Corozo Buttons

Hello Folks!

Here are some more lovely buttons for your perusal:-

First up, a new metal button in the shape of a love heart, with decorative border and 'antique silver' finish. The buttons come in four sizes:- 12mm at 30p each; 18mm at 42p each (these are currently on hold for a customer); 20mm at 56p each; and 23mm at 68p each.

Next, are these pretty corozo buttons in various shades of violet and pink. They have a charming, incised pattern of leafy sprigs on them. This set of nine buttons costs £3.50.

Finally, this set of five vintage, clear glass buttons with a floral pattern. They retain much of their original reverse painting in coral and yellow. Perfect for a decorative project! This set of five buttons costs £5.00.

Happy crafting!

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