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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Patchwork, Embroidery and Weaving Exhibition

My husband, Rob, and I went to the Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries this week, where an exhibition called "A Trio of Textiles" is being held 21 April - 12 May 2012.

The exhibition includes work by local artists and crafts people in the disciplines of embroidery, weaving and patchwork & quilting.

Sadly, I forgot my camera, but Rob lent my his phone camera to take a few snaps.

These chocolates were lovely - felt, decorated with beads and embroidery, in a handmade paper box.

This wall hanging is made of felted wool. The colours, patterns and textures are beautiful.

I am very fond of miniatures, so this tiny, embroidered rug caught my eye.

There were dozens of patchwork quilts, artworks, bags, and toys etc to see.

Back in the weaving exhibition, we both loved these woven wall hangings - unfortunately this poor quality photo does not do the colours justice. I bought some hand dyed fabric and cotton embroidery thread from this artist.

This exhibition is well worth a visit. Entry is free, and there is a cafe and a craft shop to enjoy afterwards.


  1. The chocolates look good enough to eat!

  2. thank you for all your photos. Where I live in north eastern Australia it is sadly lacking in any inspiring shows or outlets.
    I envy your ability to attend all these amazing shows/ days.
    I have driven around Dumfries in May and it was HOT.. Really stingy on my skin. I never felt it like that anywhere else. I have your posts sent to me via email and enjoy the different items you put up. Cheers.

  3. @purplestevie - lol - yes, I had to restrain myself ;o)

    @Lydia La La - you will have to set up some local shows - I bet there are plenty of artists/crafters keen to show off their creations! Yes, it has been surprisingly hot on some days here in April & May - interspersed with frost just to keep us on our toes. Hope you enjoy your trip :)