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Sunday, 8 May 2011

New, Colour-Themed Button Packs

Hello Folks! What a change in the weather! Oh well, at least it will do the garden some good :)

Here at Love Buttons HQ, I have some gorgeous new button packs in stock. They are colour-themed and would be a great gift for craft and sewing enthusiasts; or would look very pretty displayed in a glass jar while awaiting use.

The first pack is called 'Summer' and has a beautiful mix of 'fiesta' colours such as golden yellow, bright green and bright orange. These cost £7.99 for a 200g pack (approx 800 buttons - quite a lot of smaller ones in this pack).

This is the 'Spring' pack, with acid greens and citrus shades of yellow and orange; also pinks and lilacs. This 200 g pack costs £7.99 (approx 700 buttons, again quite a large percentage of smaller buttons in the mix.)

The 'Brights' pack contains more larger buttons, in jewel tones of pink, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange. The pack costs £7.99 for 200g. (approx 550 buttons in a pack.)

Finally, the 'Pastels' pack. This has quite a lot of larger buttons in delicate pastel shades of yellow, pink, green, lilac and peach. This pack costs £7.99 for 200g (approx 450 buttons in a pack.)

There are so many uses for the buttons in these packs, from cardmaking and scapbooking, to jewellery making, stacked flowers for bouquets, decorative wall hangings, or for adding a cluster to handmade bags, totes, purses, decorative hearts for hanging about the house, lavender bags etc etc What will you use yours for?

Cheerio for now!

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