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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dutton Hall Gardens - Open Day

Dutton is near Ribchester, Lancashire this lovely old hall has spectacular views and a must if you like Roses.

The origins of the building are not clear. What is known is that the square block at the front of the house was added in the 1670s. There are records that the Townley family rented property in Dutton as early as the 1300s, whilst most of the records refer to land it would be reasonable to assume that there was some form of dwelling. The addition to the house in the 1670s was completed by the Townleys; it is unlikely that the work would have been carried out had they not owned the property.

It is known that members of the Townley family continued to live at Dutton Hall in the early 1700s. The last Townley to live in the house had three daughters and no sons. The property was sold to the Rothwell family, but unusually they never lived in the house and it is thought that they were more interested in the mill in the woods. There is now only a bare trace of the mill, most of the stone from it having been used to build the Roman Museum in Ribchester.

After the Townleys the property was tenant farmed until 1951 when it was sold to the sitting tenants, who continued to live at Dutton Hall for another 8 years, before selling it.  The new owners farmed the property until they sold it to one of the present owners in 1987.

In 1987  the land to the east of Gallows Lane and the milk quota were sold separately to the House.  It ceased to be a dairy farm at this stage and some of the land was used for horticulture rather than agriculture.  Since 1987 the Hall has been modernised as there was no electricity upstairs on the west side of the house and the only heat was from open fires.  As well as installing electricity throughout the house and putting in central heating the present owners have also incorporated the redundant barn attached into the house.
Very friendly pig who likes his back scratching 

Carol Klein and the team from Gardeners World  filmed here for an episode which is due to be aired on Friday 3rd August.  

Carol Klein and the team from Gardeners World filmed  some material for an episode which is due to be aired on Friday 3rd August. So be sure to tune in.

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  1. What beautiful gardens... and the pig is irresistible :o)