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Monday, 21 January 2013

Dolls house wallpapers at ebid

 I love dolls houses and have 3 on the go at present  my dream is to own a a really old dolls house that I have to renovate from scratch.

My passion is dolls house decor, wallpapers and borders particularly and i work hard to get scales just right, trying them out before they go up for sale and I'm always open to suggestions and constructive criticism from all the amazing people out there who make such wonderful miniature projects.

I always work on A4 size papers for 2 reasons firstly they are so easy to work with, and we can rotate so you can have landscape or portrait and most of them come in three different scales, and secondly no waste! when we started off we sold A3 papers but we couldn't justify the price of them when we saw how much cut off there was that couldn't be pattern matched! this is such an expensive hobby we had to try and make our items affordable so now we have great postage prices(always a help) and item prices.

There are three of us in Poppets Dolly Bits now doing it mostly for love of the hobby. Always glad to give help and advice to anyone concerning time periods and the right decor etc and always glad of suggestions.

please look around even if its just to see what we have going on I'm very nosy so why shouldn't you be :)

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