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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Vintage and New Plastic Buttons

Hello Folks! Here are some gorgeous buttons to tempt you ...

This first set are vintage plastic ball-shaped buttons in a wonderful baby blue colour. They cost $4.00 from Love Buttons On Etsy for a set of ten buttons.

I was delighted to come across these beautiful, carved, vintage plastic buttons after several hours hard "button hunting" recently. They are black shank buttons - coat button sized with a very stylish leaf motif. They cost £8.00 for four buttons from Love Buttons HQ.

Finally, these adorable 'brown sugar', new plastic buttons. Their surface looks like creamy coffee with a sprinkling of brown sugar (well, to me anyway!). A very versatile button, ideal for all sorts of knitting, sewing and craft projects! They are available for £0.10 each from Love Buttons HQ, or for £1.20 for 10 buttons from Folksy and MISI, and for $1.95 from Etsy.

A quick 'heads-up' to let you know that all of the Love Buttons shops will be closed between the following dates: Friday 18 March to Saturday 26 March (inclusive). Apologies in advance for any inconvenience. But 'business as usual' before and after those dates :)

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