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Sunday, 24 April 2011

New & Vintage Plastic Buttons

Happy Easter one and all!

Here are some of the latest plastic buttons added to Love Buttons HQ...

These charming new buttons have a spiral cut showing off the different layers of colour, from pink through gold to dark purple. They cost £0.35 each.

Next is a set of nine vintage plastic buttons with Art Deco styling in black and red. They are quite small, measuring 15mm in diameter and have four close-together sew through holes. They cost £2.05 for the set of nine buttons.
Last up is this set of reused plastic buttons made to imitate horn. They have colouring ranging from cream through tan to dark brown. The buttons are large, measuring 38mm in diameter. They would be ideal for a coat or as bag closures. They cost £2.75 for five buttons.

Bye for now... :)

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