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Monday, 24 November 2014

Christina Gregg 1960's Model

Christina Gregg  a 1960's actress and model  starred in the  tv series Danger man and The Saint. She later married lawyer Alan Joelson (first cousin of the great jazz singer). After giving birth to two sons Elliot and Daniel she decided to concentrate on modelling and a cosmetic venture based on a Vitamin E forumula. Through her work she travelled all over the world and in 1963  spent 3 weeks at the British Trade Fair in Moscow.


  1. I was just flicking channels on sky. I saw a sweet girl I remember from years ago when I was about 16 I instantly recognised her as a girl on the Cover of knitting patterns. She apparently was an actress but I just knew her as a pretty face on a Knitting pattern

  2. Quite a lot of actresses and actors (Roger Moore) were knitting pattern models, id often seen this lady on the cover of knitting patterns and i thought to myself where have i seen her before? The personality knitting patterns usually have a piece about the celebbrity model on the inside cover.