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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Vintage Flower Buttons

Hello Chums! Hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous summer weather :)

Today I have three sets of buttons, all with a flower theme. These and many other types and styles of buttons can be found at Love Buttons HQ.

First up is a pair of lovely metal buttons in the Art Nouveau style. They feature a girl's or fairy's face, surrounded by petals like a pansy. [Sorry, this set are now sold.]

Next is a mixed collection of vintage plastic buttons with floral decoration. The duck egg green ones with wavy borders are particularly pleasing. [Sorry this set are now sold.]

Finally, a set of six hand painted vintage buttons. The base is a satiny-blue plastic and the flowers are painted in pink and blue with yellow highlights and green foliage - simple, but very pretty. This set of six small buttons costs £4.75.

Please feel free to drop by and browse at Love Buttons HQ.


  1. I Love your first lot of buttons are they vintage or repro?

  2. Hello! I'm not sure of the exact age on these - the person I bought them from told me that they were 20 years old.