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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Save The British Hallmark

The sterling lion may soon become an extinct species. 

 Typical British Hallmarks

This particular lion is not protected, and its habitat is under imminent threat by an axe wielding government based in Westminster. In a bid to cut red tape and hence money (no not their lucrative expense accounts – silly) the trusted lion must go. After almost 800 years the UK government now wants to remove this most coveted of all consumer protection. Hallmarks on new items made of precious metal may be scrapped under a UK government bid to reduce red tape. 

 Sterling Silver Mark - England
Now the Assay Offices in Birmingham and London have launched an appeal to persuade as many people as possible to object to the proposals, which form part of a consultation called The Red Tape challenge. Launched on April 7, comments are invited online until May 5.

Sterling Silver Mark - Scotland

"The Red Tape Challenge aims to reduce regulation which stifles enterprise and industry," said an Assay Office spokesman.

 Edinburgh Assay Office

"The message from the Government appears to be that every regulation highlighted will be abolished – unless visitors to the website express sufficient good reasons to convince ministers that this particular regulation must be kept."

 Sheffield Assay Office

Hallmarking is one of eight key topics under scrutiny.

"We believe it is imperative to the British consumer for the current and future UK jewellery industry to maintain hallmarking as a statutory independent service," the Assay Office argues.

 London Assay Office

The British hallmarking system is the standard to which the rest of the world hope to reach, so what can be done to help protect this lion? 

 Birmingham Assay Office

The UK Assay Offices want people to log on to www.redtapechallenge.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/hallmarking and register their objections.

Unless people express their concerns, the lion will shortly be as dead as a dodo.


  1. Ridiculous and rather sad. I have added this to my Facebook page. Hopefully, it will add a few more signatures.

  2. Thanks for your help.

    Come on everybody and sign the petition before 5th May - every comment counts.

    This is a way to really show the minions at Westminster who really runs the country,

  3. I'm going to sign - I'm sure the lion hallmark is a sign of quality and sought after by collectors.