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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Under the Floorboards an interesting blog i came across


The original floorboards of the cottages which, combined, now form our house were 8 1/2 inches wide but only 9/16" thick. The ravages of wear, woodworm and poor repairs over a century and a half left many gaps through which everyday items could be lost. Only the rich had carpets; these were certainly not houses for the rich

Later, the cottages became dilapidated. A section of the roof collapsed and dirt and rain got in. Some parts may have been used as storage for the farm. When the building was renovated as a single dwelling, the builders swept some of the accumulated debris into available gaps in the floor.

Whilst repairing floors and installing wiring, we have found many items which give a clue to the lives of past inhabitants. Here are some of the items we have found.

What should this subject be called? "Floorboard archaeology"? "Subsolum archaeology"? ("subsolumology" doesn't sound quite right...)


  1. Question is how did some of the objects get under the floorboards? such as the marbles.

  2. Fascinating! Beautiful workmanship. Did the main parts rust away, I wonder?