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Monday, 26 April 2010

RARE Robert Daughters Signed Textile/Dress

This is an amazing and unique dress! The signature on the dress is R. Daughters, which is Robert Daughters. Robert A. Daughters became an impressionist/expressionist oil painter of Indians and Southwestern landscapes. He has been interested in art since a child, and considers Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh a strong influence on him. In 1953, Daughters became a partner in an advertising art studio, winning more than 250 awards in twenty years. Daughters first visited Taos on his honeymoon in 1953, where he met the late Charles Berninghaus, the son of Taos' founding artist, Oscar E. Berninghaus. Daughters and his wife Sandra were taken by the charm ofthe unpaved streets, the adobe houses, Indian ceremonials and the crispness of fall during their brief visit. But before his midlife turning point of working as an artist in Taos, Daughters' career would first flourish as a fashion artist, Hallmark card designer and owner of his own Kansas City, Kansas, commercial arts studio. During this time, Daughters also worked at the Kansas City Art Institute. He studied drawing in Europe; and was - by American standards - a commercial success. This dress is from the 60s and something I've inquired about at various art galleries that feature his work. No one has ever seen a Robert Daughters signature on a textile before. This piece was done in the 60s when he worked in fashion and commercial arts. I believe it is a one-of-a-kind, akin to getting Norma Jean's autograph before she became Marilyn Monroe. The fabric appears to be linen or a variation thereof. The sleeves are handpainted while the border print on the skirt is incorporated into the fabric. You can contact me for more details and for purchase!

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  1. What a wonderful find - love the stylized painting, too. :D