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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Oriental delights within specialistauctions handmade category!

Delightful Japanese handicrafts from seller chibichibinoriko522

Many of this seller's items are made using Japanese ' Chirimen ' fabric - which is a fabric made using a traditional Japanese weaving technique. It has the unique feature of what the Japanese call 'Shibo'..... soft wrinkles that were developed for this material way back in 16th century Japan.

The wrinkles are created by alternating and twisting different threads into different directs in the weft. These wrinkles appear because the weft is stronger than the warp in the looming process. Chirimen fabric is mostly used for beautiful Kimono outfits, but is also used for craft projects such as flowers, dolls, toys and as this creative seller shows.. in jewellery and jewellery boxes!


Not only are these items beautiful.. but they are beautifully priced too!

Handmade Chirimen shell earring (covered with kimono fabric):red
Just £1.00 WOW!

Handmade Chirimen shell earring (covered with kimono fabric):purple

Handmade Flower Brooch made with kimono fabric:black £3.50
An ideal present or box for your jewellery.. are these beautiful jewellery boxes! Perhaps you could also use them for crafting pins as a holder and pin cushion in one? Each one is on a separate auction and priced at a fabulous £1.99!

Handmade jewellery box (covered with kimono fabric)5cm:orange

This clever crafter also makes handmade woollen earrings - again just £1.00!

Handmade woollen earring white & green

Why not drop on by and check out chibichibinoriko522's items today! At www.specialistauctions.com

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