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Monday, 21 October 2013

Vintage Dolls House furniture

Famous Dolls Houses include:-

Queen Mary's Dolls House built for Queen Mary in the early 1920's the house has running water flowing through tiny pipes, a working bathroom including plumbed  in water for the sink and a  flushable toilet, it also has electric lights.  All the furniture and fittings are replicas of the real thing from Windsor Castle.

The Colleen Moore Dolls House which was 9 feet square and had a 12 foot tower was designed by Harold Grieve and featured bear skin rugs and detailed furniture and art.

The Astolat Dolls House Castle was created over an 18 year period and has 29 rooms containing over 100,000 hand crafted  items. The house has been on show at the Nassau County Museum of Art since 2005.

A selection  of Vintage Dolls House items are  for sale at Ebid:-

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