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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Something For Every Room

A 1940's booklet filled with knitting and crochet patterns:-


crochet table centre
knitted chair back, settee back,cushion cover and arm rests - leaf pattern
crochet chair back, settee back, cushion cover ad curtain - deer theme
knitted lunceon set - 2 colours
crochet luncheon set - 2 colours
crochet table centre - 6 point star shape
crochet cheval set
crochet bedspread - hexagonal motif
knitted bedspread - leaf design
knitted or crocheted glass jackets
knitted lace curtain
crochet panel curtain
knitted tea cosy cover - hen design
knitted tea cosy - country cottage shape
knitted kettle holder - cockatoo
knitted tea cosy

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