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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Gorgeous Handmade Soap Recommendation

Morning all! I wanted to share a recommendation for handmade soap from a company called Wild Olive. The soaps are made with natural, animal free ingredients, ethically sourced, and the company uses minimal energy input in the production.

My husband bought me this set of small, guest size soaps a few years back and I was enchanted by the beautiful scents of the soaps, and the quality. Click here to see their latest sets.

Recently, I bought a huge bag of ten full-sized bars of their soap for £30 and some loose bars in my favourite fragrance: lavender and patchouli. The single bars are £3.99 each for 100g or £2.25 for 50g.

The bars come in a pretty box, so would make a great present, if you can bear to give them away once you've smelt them! I've tried dozens of makes of handmade soap over the years, and these are, in my opinion, the best.


Nice soap would definitely be my 'desert island' luxury item. What would yours be?

Posted by Julia of Love Buttons HQ and Fire Horse Textiles on Etsy and now on Folksy


  1. I can not get over how expensive that soap is....
    The same thing here would cost at least half that price if not more. Another thing that frightens me is the high varying amounts you have to pay for your water... so much that people aren't showering often or changing sheets and towels as often as they used to. What has become of Britain?
    Don't get me wrong.. I love the UK and have had the total joy of driving myself solo around on holidays twice and planning on one last trip before the world goes to hell.

  2. Not sure which country you are from, Lydia, but I know (from browsing on Etsy) that many things are cheaper in the US.

    I think if you spend over a certain amount with Wild Olive, you get free delivery, and buying in bulk brought the price down.

    I'm not a big spender on many things (perfumes, clothes etc), but when I work out how long a bar of soap lasts, it only costs pennies to have a little touch of luxury every day.

    Re: water prices - yes, shocking to know that people pay different amounts in the same country. There is no water metering where we live, so just a charge in with the council tax. It will get to the stage where we all start storing rain water!

    Hope you get another trip to the UK soon! It sounds a lot of fun to drive when and where you want - total freedom :)