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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Edwardian Womans Life magazine

This issue Number 781 was published on the 26th November 1910 and cost one penny.
I cant help thinking that the lady on the front cover looks rather deformed, what do you think? An advert in this magazine entitled "Reducing Corset" says it all.
"Instantly reduces the stoutest figure. The extra strong elastic belt conceals superflous flesh, and affords binding support".  No wonder these ladies often fainted!

Now these 2 Evening Coats look a lot more comfortable

This  delightful magazine gives you a glimpse into Edwardian fashion and life, below a child's hat and a lady's Toque (a Toque is a hat with narrow brim or no brim at all).

On the adverts page I spotted 2 adverts "old false teeth bought and old artificial teeth bought" I dont't know about you but i'm not keen on that idea!

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