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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Vintage Muffin The Mule and Some Metal Buttons

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Here are some interesting collectable buttons for your perusal.

First up are a set of small, vintage plastic buttons, dating to c.1950s. They feature a painted version of the puppet from the British television show for children from 1946-52. Find out more about the show here:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muffin_the_Mule

These buttons cost £6.00 for the set of seven buttons from Love Buttons on Etsy.

This set of three vintage metal buttons are made to imitate the earlier cut steel buttons. They have a pierced back piece, with faceted, tinted metal pieces set into individual cups. The buttons cost £7.50 for the set of three, from Love Buttons HQ.

Finally, this charming, antique metal picture button featuring 'Little Boy Blue' blowing his horn, with sheep surrounding him and small details of plants/landscape behind the figure. The button is thought to date to late 1800s in the Victorian era. This button costs £9.00 from Love Buttons on Etsy.

Have a peaceful and wonderful 2012!

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