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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tidy Pins Or Dress Elevators

The tidy pin with its sprial shank was often mistaken for the dress elevator a device which adorned the dresses of Victorian ladies. The dress elevator was made from precious stones, paste etc wheras the tidy pin was made from cheap plastic (see image below)

I have seen these in among tins of buttons but until i read the article below i thought they were dress elevators. http://www.buttoncountry.com/Dress Elevator Article.htm

Below are 2 examples of pins which were used to fix chairback covers, both are available to buy at  henriettas-buttons-and-patterns


  1. Interesting article! I had come across these little pins in buttons boxes and had no idea what they were!

  2. I've just been to your eBid listings this evening and seen them actually.... and I thought.. what the heck are they? You had put on the listing, that the spiral tidys got confused with dress elevators...and I laughed to myself, because I didn't have the foggiest what either were! Thanks! Now, I know... :D