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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Vintage Buttons - The Perfect Gift For The Crafter In Your Life!

Hello all! I hope you're further forward than I am, with your Christmas shopping!

Here are a few ideas for pretty stocking fillers for friends and family who enjoy sewing or craft projects.

These vintage plastic buttons date to c.1960s and have painted flowers in blue, yellow and red. They cost £4.00 for seven buttons from Love Buttons HQ.

Muffin The Mule graces these vintage plastic buttons dating to c. 1950s/60s. They feature a painted version of the puppet that appeared on the BBC TV show from 1946-1952. They cost £4.00 for four buttons, from Love Buttons on Etsy.

Finally, these small, vintage, mother-of-pearl buttons have been dyed a delicate lilac colour. They are small in size and come as a set of ten. They cost £2.25 from Love Buttons HQ, or from Love Buttons on Etsy.

Have a great week, folks!

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