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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Free Knitting pattern Swirly girly scarf

A free pattern for a swirly, girly fun scarf using the granny stitch. It works up fairly quickly in a couple of hours and can be sized for a girl or a lady.
I love how this scarf naturally twists and turns and it’s so cheerful with Red Heart Yarn’s Gumdrop Grape yarn. This yarn is super soft and easy to work with – it just slides right over my fingers. This scarf can be worn wrapped around the neck for more warmth, or draped around the neck for warmer days as a cute accessory.

Crochet Swirly Scarf

By Sara of My Merry Messy Life © 2013


Hook: I
Yarn: Red Heart Gumdrop in Grape 1 skein (4 oz.) for a girls’ scarf, 2 skeins (8 oz.) for a lady’s scarf

CH = chain
DC = double crochet
SK = skip
SP = space

The Pattern

For a little girls’ scarf using this yarn, CH 90. Double it to make an adult scarf, so CH 180. There are 3 rows on each side of the center and we will be working in the round.

Make a chain in multiples of 3

Round/Row 1

In the 3rd CH from hook (not including the loop on the hook), work 2 DC in the same CH
*Skip 2 CHs
Work 3 DCs in the next CH
Skip 2 CHs*
Repeat all the way down
At the end of the row, you should have worked the 3 DCs in the last CH
CH 3
Working in the chain 2 SPs of the bottom of the row you just created, work 3 DCs in each space all the way down
SL ST into the top of the beginning CH 3
Round/Row 2

CH 3 (this will count as the last DC of this round)
*Work 3 DCs, CH 3, 3 DCs in the next SP (in between the first 2 granny stitches)
Repeat from * all the way down, working the same pattern into the corner CH 3, work all the way down the other side
At the end of the round, work 3 DCs, CH 3, 2 DC’s and attach by SL ST to the top of the previous CH 3 from the beginning of Round 2.
Round/Row 3

CH 3 (this will count as the last DC of this round)
*In the next space (which should be a CH 3), work 3 DCs, CH 3, 3 DCs
In the next SP (now not a CH 3), work 3 DCs*
Repeat from * all the way down
Join to beginning CH 3 with a SL ST and fasten off. Done!
Merry Crocheting!


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