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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New items at Henrietta's Buttons and Patterns Store

This bright red velvet hat with a plume of red feathers belonged to my mother-in-law probably purchased when she ran her family dress business in the 1970's/80's
Looking at the position of the elastic i think it could be a tilt hat but i'm not sure. It measures approx 7" by 6" and has a label saying 100% viscose, made in Britain.

Another one of my late mother-in-laws items 2 lots of unused silver and gold coloured ric rac with a stiff metallic feel.
This 1949 edition of Homes notes is in lovely condition as the front cover suggests why not make the lovely dress from a remnant.
Vintage chocolates adverts approx 1950's - Boxes of chocolates with various gifts including, dart board, galleon wall plaque,paint set,childs knitting outfit, etc.
Would look nice framed.

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