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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Potfest In The Park 2011

My husband, Rob, and I went to Potfest at Hutton-in-the-Forest, Cumbria on Friday. There were 100s of craftspeople from 10 countries there: a huge variety of styles, from functional mugs, to jewellery, sculpture, ornamental, wall plaques, animal figures etc etc.

The 'Pots on the Lawn' competition theme this year, was 'Marking Time'. Both Rob and I picked this as our favourite. As you can see the oarsmen are getting distinctly out of time in this piece. The maker is Christine Hester Smith of Dumfriesshire.

These are the three items Rob and I bought: a mug for a gift; an oak leaf bowl for Rob and a 'frog spawn' bowl for me. All three pieces were made by Charlotte and Sigerd Bohmer of Germany.

We also had a nice lunch in the tearoom (all sorts of sandwiches, baps, salads, cakes, ice cream available) and a wander round the walled garden and grounds of the house. The weather was hot and sunny, so it was the perfect day out!

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