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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Vintage Collectables - Wade Whimsies

I remember these little figures fondly from my childhood, so when I came across a set of them recently, I couldn't resist!

Honey Brown Guinea Pig, £8.00

Corgi Dog, £6.00

Blue Persian Kitten, £5.00

Pink Pig, £5.00

Brown Goose, £3.75

Posted by Julia * Fire Horse Vintage * Fire Horse Textiles *


  1. My sister and I used to collect Whimsies when we were younger - had them all lined up along the door frame! I think my sister still has a few even now. Certainly remember the little cat (although ours wasn't blue) and the corgi, but have never seen a guinea-pig before.

    1. Hi Elaine - how lovely! They certainly are an ornament that takes me straight back to my childhood. My Mum still has ours - an ?Alsatian dog, fawn and a couple of others. I came across these while browsing bric a brac stores in Edinburgh and couldn't resist!