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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Vintage Buttons From Love Buttons HQ

Afternoon all! Well, after a busy week visiting the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and my home county of Oxfordshire, I am just about recovered enough to show you some of the latest buttons added to Love Buttons HQ!

These unusual vintage plastic buttons are black with a wash of metallic-look teal paint. They have a deeply domed centre, with irregular outer rim and raised, criss-cross lines for decoration. They cost £4.00 for four buttons.

These charming Art Deco vintage plastic buttons are in lovely, glossy condition and coloured bright red. They cost £5.00 for eleven buttons.

Finally, these charming beaded shank buttons have the look of blackberries! They have a metal base. They cost £5.00 for four buttons.

Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend! Posted by Julia of  * Love Buttons HQ * Love Buttons on Folksy *

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