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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Vintage Flower Buttons

Morning all - from a rather grey and chilly Scotland!

Here are some mixed packs of vintage plastic buttons that I have recently made up. They come to you, sewn to a Love Buttons card, so make a pretty gift for friends who like sewing and crafts!

This first collection includes a little clover leaf, a jelly mould type, stylised flowers and pierced designs in white, shades of blue, pink and purple. They cost £3.35 for thirteen buttons.

This next pack comes in shades of grey with red and white. They cost £3.50 for fourteen buttons.

This next pack, includes white, cream, yellow, blue, pink and beige buttons. A small, antique tagua nut button, with pierced decoration is included (shown at the front in the photo below). They cost £3.25 for twelve buttons.

This final set includes buttons in cheerful golden yellow, bright red, green and brown. The large red button with white decoration is a French piece. This collection costs £5.00 for eighteen buttons. A similar set of seventeen buttons for £5.00 can be found here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!
Posted by Julia of * Love Buttons HQ *


  1. These are so beautiful, you are so talented :D


  2. Thank you, Anca. I just find them, sort them and photograph them, so cannot take any credit for the making ;o)