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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Greeves Motorcycles

Bert Greeves MBE set up the Invacar Company in 1952. While  mowing his lawn he came up with the idea of fitting a lawnmower engine to his disabled cousin's wheelchair  and the invacar was invented.
Greeves won a major contract to supply 3 wheeled, invalid, motorised vehicles to the UK Govenment of Pensions and National Insurance.

Greeves then started to produce motorcycles,  production began in late 1953. When the Japanese entered the market place in the early 1970's production started slowing down and the company finally went into receivership in 1976.

The company  reformed in 1999, http://www.greevesmotorcyclesltd.com/



  1. What a colourful motorbike! I will be 'missing in action' for the next 6 - 8 months as my shops take a holiday. Will still be popping in to see what is new here! Hope to be back and posting later in the year. Julia x

  2. Have a nice time off Julia :)
    You will be missed.