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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Silverdale Hoard at the Lancaster Museum

The Silverdale Hoard is on loan from the London Museum until the 7th December 2014. The hoard was found in a field by a metal detectorist in 2011 and consists of over 200 pieces of silver jewellery, coins and hack silver.

The find dates to about AD 900 which was a time of intense conflict between the Anglo-Saxons and the Danish settlers of Northern England.
Other hoards found in the area include the Cuerdale Hoard found by workmen in 1840 (which is the largest ever found in the U.K)., The Huxley Hoard found in Cheshire in 2004 and the Furness Hoard found in 2011 and now in the Dock museum, Barrow-in-Furness.

Detector finds at ebid


  1. My maternal grandparents came from the Silverdale area, and I've visited the region many times - if only I'd had a metal detector with me!

  2. I purchased a metal detector about 10 years ago only used it once and found the grand total of 2p on Fleetwood Beach!